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Pro Tip #2 Content Curation & Planning

Be strategic about content curation & planning. Authenticity is KEY. It's important to come across genuine and not as a hard sell (don't we wish that was true of salespeople in every industry?).

The best way to do this is by alternating your posts:

Here's a quick example of how we post for our clients restaurant page @watermarcrestaurant located in Laguna Beach, California:

You'll notice that they're numbered from 9 to 1 because posts go up in chronological order meaning if 9 was posted today, then 1 was posted 9 days ago (if you post only once a day).

  • Post 9: Top selling dish on the menu

  • Post 8: Repost from local foodie, kept caption about their delicious visit.

  • Post 7: Repost from local blogger, removed caption because it was unrelated to the restaurant visit and replaced it with something relative to the image.

  • Post 6: National Old Fashion Day post to recognize special holiday and tap into a popular hashtag that day: #NationalOldFashionDay

  • Post 5: They had a week of cold weather in their location, so we added in a post reminding their audience of cold-weather food options.

  • Post 4: Happy Hour reminder post with an image of one of their most popular cocktails.

  • Post 3: Announcing a new menu item that they just got for the season.

  • Post 2: Appetizer photo with a caption about having a date night with your loved one.

  • Post 1: A breakfast image that reminds the audience they serve brunch on weekends only. They also have the time of brunch located in their bio.

If you have questions about the hashtags we've used, geotags, who we've tagged and why we've tagged them don't worry - we'll be covering those topics very soon!

To contact us directly, please email or message us on instagram at @bfmsocial

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