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How To Set Up Instagram For Restaurants

As easy as it can be to set up an Instagram account for your business, there are best practices for each industry. Before we dive into the importance of great photos in your Instagram feed, we've put together the basics of the profile setup. You'll see the tricks and tips that we've found for restaurant setup that has worked best for our clients and restaurant marketing overall.

Profile Settings

Fill out your restaurant's Instagram information in your Instagram Business profile. To change your information, navigate to the front page of your Instagram and click "Edit Profile."

  • Name: add the name of your business that's on the signage. If your Instagram name is "@RestaurantNameUSA" you do not have to use the word "USA" in the name portion.

  • Website: we recommend that you put the URL directly to your menu for people to easily see what your menu items. You also have the option to use - Linktree allows you to have a menu pop-up so you can give them multiple URL options, rather than just one. Linktree is free opportunity to market an upcoming event you'd like people to click through to from your Instagram, or to send people to your gift cards page during the holidays. See example or visit our Instagram account to review it first-hand.

Bio: include items that people would want to know right away so potential customers can decide quickly.

  • What your restaurant is known for (ex: Mexican-Chinese Fusion)

  • Your specific business hashtag, for example, #bfmsocial rather than using #socialmedia - this way people can see images directly related to your business.

  • Your daily hours of operation (ex: M-F 10-8pm, Sat-Sun 11-8pm)

  • If you're available on a delivery app or if there's a reservation option. (ex: Find us on UberEats, GoJek OR DM us to reserve a table)

  • If you have multiple locations, then list those here (ex: West Hollywood | Beverly Hills | Santa Monica)

Business Information: This is how Instagram users will be able to find your Instagram page.

  • Page: If you don't have a Facebook business account, then skip this step.

  • Category: Classify yourself as a "Local Business" so you have the opportunity to come up on the discovery page when you share photos or be suggested to people in your area.

  • Contact Options: Fill in only the information that you want your audience to have access to. If you'd prefer they didn't call you then don't put a phone number in here. If you want them to WhatsApp message you for takeaway orders, then add that to the Bio portion instead of "Phone" section.

  • Fill in the email you'd like them to contact

  • Fill in the address of your restaurant.

  • If you have multiple locations, then leave this blank and mention the different locations in your bio, as mentioned above.

  • Add an Action - this option is if you have an account set up with an Instagram affiliate like Chope, Eventbrite, OpenTable, etc. If you do not have an account with these businesses, then leave it blank.

Private Information: this information is not accessible to your audience and is used for security purposes with Instagram.

  • Email: this will be the email address you used to create the Instagram account. If you want to change it, click on the email address. You can then type a new one. *Disclaimer: the email you type in must not be associated with any other Instagram account.

  • Phone: It's not required to add your phone number, but it can be helpful if you're locked out of your account and would like to regain access via a text message code.

  • Gender: For business accounts, we always leave this blank.

Loading a Profile Photo In this same page you'll notice at the top an option to "Change Profile Photo" click on this and options will pop up:

  • Remove Current Photo (which will leave your profile photo blank)

  • Import From Facebook (if you have a Facebook Business Page that you'd like to share the same profile image from)

  • Take Photo (this will open your camera so you can take a picture in real time)

  • Choose From Library (if you have your logo saved to your phone or computer then you can load it manually here.) We recommend that you select the image manually with "Choose From Library" option for highest quality.

Here's a look at a restaurant profile that's set up exactly how we recommend:

In addition to an excellent profile setup, @twofingersbali adds to their Instagram game with their high-quality photos and videos, Instagram story posts that highlight their menu options, live videos that show the vibe of the restaurant and consistent voice throughout their Instagram posts.

If you have questions on the information above, please email us at or message us on Instagram @bfmsocial . We'll be releasing more tips and tricks weekly for restaurant's social media platforms so stay tuned and follow us on Facebook so you can be the first to know!

Next up: how to utilize story highlights, using hashtags for your local restaurant business, photographing food, and how to start posting photos!

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