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Pro-Tip #3 Reposting Content To Your Page

Give credit where credit is due!

If you're reposting an image or video from someone's Instagram account who visited your restaurant, its important to tag them in the post to give them credit.

Here's a checklist to consider before reposting an image/video to your own instagram page:

  • Is the image high quality? Good angle, good lighting, tasteful positioning of item?

  • Is this item still available on the menu? It should be if you're going to repost it!

  • Does it capture the vibe of your restaurant or show a menu item? It should!

How to repost it an image/video:

  • Consider purchasing a repost app, you can find several options by searching "repost" in the app store on your phone.

  • Pay to have the watermark removed! It's imperative that you do this as it looks spammy and low quality when you leave a watermark over an image. It's only 99 cents - $4.99 depending on the app and its a one-time cost.

  • Click the three dots on the top right of the image you want to repost, see below. A pop-up window will come up - click on "copy link."

  • Then open your repost app and it will automatically populate this post and prepare it for repost.

  • Next, click the box that removes the watermark (or however your app is set up) and then click "repost."

  • You'll have the option to repost with the original caption, or have it immediately open to instagram with the original caption. If you want to post right away go ahead and choose post to instagram with caption.

  • For my particular app it will also export the photo into my camera in case I want to have the original version as well for later use.

  • Once you click "copy caption & open instagram" it will take you to the next step which is whether you'd like to post to your page or your story:

  • If you decide to post to your page, click "feed" and continue the normal steps for posting to Instagram. It will automatically fill in the original caption but you are not required to keep it. As long as you tag the original instagram page who posted the image or video you're welcome to change the copy to whatever suits you and your business!

  • We recommend that you tag the Instagram account who posted the image or video originally in both the photo or video and in the caption.

Have questions about something we covered here? Feel free to email us at!

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